End of the day goodness

End of the day goodness
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Monday, January 9, 2017

Pointers and Ploppers

A cool thing happened today. I saw one of Rugged man's fabulous Hunting dogs running by the creek in the back like he usually does when Rugged Man yells "Whoooooa". Moxie heard his voice and came tearing around the corner full speed, slid into the door almost toppling over to get outside and bark at his dog. I let her out, I am never one to stand between Moxie and a little physical activity. Anyway, she goes to the fence and starts barking like mad. Handsome hunter dog is maybe three feet away from her but he doesn't even look her direction. In fact, he is standing there totally needing to be videoed because he is doing the best mannequin challenge I have ever seen. He is not moving a muscle. He could be a statue. Not a twitch or anything. Moxie is still barking like mad. Probably infuriated to be 100% ignored. I stand there, just uber impressed. Oh, I think, I should get my phone and take a picture and post this on FB. Oh crap, I am charging my phone. It is all the way in the back room. No way Rugged Man's dog will be here when I get back. Moxie, she is still barking. Hunter dog, he is still a statue. Oh, I think, I could grab my camera it is in here. I go get the camera, fumble around with it. Open the door, stand on the patio, accidentally turn the camera on and off. Moxie has stopped barking and is cocking her head. Hunter dog, he just stands there. Still as a statue. I take two or three pictures. Finally, he must have gotten some high pitched whistle because he takes off in the most graceful statue to greyhound looking dog move I have ever seen. I looked up what kind of dog he was and from the picture, I realized Rugged man has Pointers. Ahhhh, the light goes off. He was pointing. I never knew that is what they do but it is totally cool. I stood there thinking how the man and dog relationships mirror each other. Rugged man is so disciplined, he runs with his dogs every day. Rain or shine. Moxie and I walk back in, I plop on the couch with a cup of coffee and the National Geographic, Moxie plops back in her bed with a chew toy. We are perfectly matched. Two slightly grey, full-figured girls who after barking at someone who needs to be barked at, enjoy some down time.


  1. And here we are, your readers, thinking how cool that man and that matching dog must be but, we're okay with letting them go about their day and all the while comfortable heading back to the couch with coffee, Moxie, and the writer.

  2. Perhaps your next dog should be a Setter.

    1. Ah brother, your wit as sharp as ever.......
      Kudos! from your sister, Pat