End of the day goodness

End of the day goodness
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Kind to the Cat Lady

Yesterday was a fairly disorganized morning even for us.  We are never the poster family for a great morning routine even on our best day but yesterday was worse.  I did not have the lunches made.  Back packs were not only unpacked but somewhere in hiding.  Thank God for my Mom and instant breakfast.  Over the weekend Mom had washed and folded clothes so my children went to school with matching socks for possibly the first time ever. And even I can stick chocolate flavored nutrients in milk for the kids to slurp down.

So by 10:35am I am shagging my happy ass up to the school in something completely forgettable and frumpy carrying two lunches that are only slightly better than the instant breakfast.  I am also carrying a bag with a $10 bill, a $5 bill, a $2 bill and 8 quarters.  This is the shirt money that was due on Friday for Be Kind shirts.  Ms. Patel, the nicest school receptionist I have encountered was kind enough to give me an extra day.  She also excepted my strange assortment of money with a smile and not even a hint of eye rolling.

I get back home, do some things on the computer.  NO!  Not FB, okay, a little FB but mostly I am actually doing something productive.  I glance at the pile of school papers and think to myself, oh, this would be a great time to stick all those school things on my calendar so I don't miss them.  First Paper I pick up, Get to Know your school breakfast meeting September 15th at 8:15am.  Hell, it is 11:15am.  Obviously putting all these events on my calendar is a great idea I should have done last week.

Second set of papers I find I had already filled out.  Yay me!  Oh, both are due today with $20 per kid.  Boo me!  Once again, I am shagging my happy ass back up to school (at least this time I went to the atm and got reasonable money).  I present two bright pink forms with some unidentifiable greasy substance on them with the money, to Ms. Patel.  I find in situations where I am a complete moron the best thing to do is say something charming like, "I guess the secret is out, if I did not have a husband and two kids I would be that crazy lady with all the cats."  I did say this, and while not exactly charming, with the state of my frizzy graying hair and wholly t-shirt everyone could see my point.  The thing was, they did not look at me like I was crazy cat lady.  Ms. Patel and the lady next to her made me feel like a rock star for doing the papers at all.  Even last minute.  Even with scary greasy crap on the form.  "The library is really going to appreciate that you did this.  Thank you so much!"

In the middle of feeling the exact opposite of June Clever, this beautiful sweet woman did not focus on all the imperfections that I was seeing, she was seeing something good.  It is so easy to get caught up in wanting to be perfect and miss what is really important.  This is where I quote a song off Olivia Newton John's Totally Hot album, I am totally okay with not being cool, "Perfection is consuming and it seems were only human after all..."

We are only human.  On my 3rd day of gratitude, I am grateful for the Ms. Patels of the world who overlook our imperfections.  I am full of gratitude for my friends and family who love me and my flaws.  I am full of gratitude that I love being me.....even knowing a FB quiz would give me the soul name Ezmirelda, absent minded cat lady.